Professional Prospects


  • Graduates of the full-time course acquire the "Certificate of Study on Arts in Education"
  • In the case of attending part of the teaching content, they acquire a corresponding "Certificate of Attendance"

ANIMA graduates are often employed in schools and other education spaces, cultural and intellectual centers of municipalities, centers for creative and artistic engagement, etc. The positive reputation of the ANIMA center presents an advantage for employment in such spaces. Thus, the ANIMA center often receives notifications of vacancies, about which trained graduates are informed. ANIMA graduates are employed as:

  • Teachers with skills to integrate the arts in the teaching process
  • Theater Educators, Music and Psychomotor Educators
  • Organizers of school celebration events and artistic events with children and adults

ANIMA graduates have positions related to the pedagogical use of the arts in education in some of the largest private schools in the country (for example, Moraitis School, Athens College Kindergarten, Greek-German School, St. Joseph's Greek-French School, Ziridis School) and in many public primary schools. Moreover, many graduates have successfully set up and run private creative engagement centers. Even more ANIMA graduates work as educators and incorporate into their teaching practices the knowledge and experience of their arts education training.