About us

The objective of the ANIMA centre is INCLUSION OF ARTS IN EDUCATION. The seminars and lessons taught concern the performing arts and in particular topics such as:
Drama in education, Bodily expression – Improvisation, Music, Dance- Movement, Drama therapy, Art in education etc.

The ANIMA workshop is of potential interest for people that work with groups, whether that be in the context of school education, extracurricular and informal education, individual or group therapy and psychological care, or provision of social services.

Who attends ANIMA?

The ANIMA centre admits:

  • Teachers of all grades and specialties
  • Special Educators
  • Social workers
  • Psychologists
  • Actors
  • Performance Studies Majors/ Theatrologists
  • Dance Teachers
  • Musicians
  • Musicologists
  • Music Educators
  • Arts Therapists (music therapists, dance therapists, ergotherapists) and Speech Therapists
  • Students of pedagogical and artistic schools, etc.


Each participant participates in an informatory meeting, which must precede registration in the Anima lessons. At this meeting the participant has the opportunity to be informed about the content of each lesson, and how this fits with their own pedagogical and artistic background.